Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hi, I still have this blog

Can you believe I still user Blogger? Me either. I'm thinking of transitioning back to GeoCities.

Anyway, I swear people have been asking me to let them know when I perform comedy, so if you're interested in seeing me sometime over the next couple weeks, you can find me on:

superfluous picture of my cat surrounded by clutter

Oh also, my precious little gem baby -- The Mendoza Line Comedy Show (*every Saturday night at 9) -- is still *on hiatus while the Dugout renovates, but we'll be back very very soon, so keep checking facebook/twitter/instagram/my desperate text messages for updates.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bad Feminist

I'm a bad feminist and here's why: 

I've been sexually harassed on multiple occasions (in the past and recently and continually), and at no time did I speak up nor defend myself.

This keeps me up at night: thinking about these incidents and feeling guilty for ~putting myself in those situations~.

I know it’s wrong to generalize a group of people (a good feminist wouldn’t do that), but men, you are so predictably awful, so often, even when I’ve truly, truly tried giving you the benefit of the doubt.

But I’ve also never said that to you when you’ve violated my trust. In fact, I think I said thank you(!) and pretended it was fine.

I have spent countless hours reassuring men of their worth, sacrificing my own in the process.

What else? 

I've watched women attack and tear each other down, and chose to step away, to say nothing, to protect myself and my feelings instead.

I shook my head at women for not supporting other women, but I did not support other women.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t leaned in, I haven’t asked for things I deserve, I haven’t convinced myself I deserve things. I’ve said nothing.

I’ve said nothing.
I’ve said nothing.
I’ve said nothing.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Favorite Albums of 2017

This is a thing I do every year, and I'm not just going to stop because it's inconsequential and uninteresting to most people. Why would I do that?

1. SZA - Ctrl

2. Diet Cig - Swear I'm Good At This

3. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

4. HAIM - Something to Tell You

5. Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm

6. St Vincent - MASSEDUCTION

7. Adult Mom - Soft Spots

8. Big Thief - Capacity 

9. Lorde - Melodrama

10.  Radiohead - OK Computer OKNOTOK (technically forever probably)

This was really hard!!!!!  2017 was a great year for music and a terrible year for the world!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

November 2017

Oops, I've been bad at updating this because it's tedious and self-indulgent. I promise I did comedy in October. In other states and everything! Anyway, I wish I were tech savvy enough to embed (??) a calendar on here or have an actual website, but alas. I have an iPhone 5se that no longer works since the latest iOS update!!!!! What do any of these words even mean!?!?!?

Literally no one cares, but here I am:

Thursday, November 2nd, 7 pm: Club Cafe, Boston, MA
Monday, November 6th, 8:30 pm: ROFL House, Fall River, MA
Thursday, November 9th, 7:30 pm: Art Lounge, Arlington, MA
Saturday, November 11th, 11 pm: ImprovBoston, Cambridge, MA
Friday, November 17th, 8 pm: Hideout Comedy, Boston, MA


Oh, also, please stay tuned for my annual Best Albums of the Year post that absolutely no one values but me!!!!!!


Friday, August 25, 2017

September 2017

Thursday, September 7th: Thunderbar, Allston
Wednesday, September 13th, 9 pm: Stand Up Jam, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Thursday, September 14th, 8 pm: Hot Dog Sideshow, Worcester
Friday, September 15th, 7 pm: Maggy's Lounge, Quincy
                                                10 pm: Token, ImprovBoston
Sunday, September 17th, 8 pm: Liquid Courage, Slumbrew, Somerville
                                                 9 pm: The People's Show, ImprovBoston
Wednesday, September 20th, 8 pm: ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Thursday, September 21st, 7 pm: Headliners, John Harvard's, Cambridge
Sunday, September 24th, 7 pm: Champions Comedy, Cambridge
Wednesday, September 27th, 6 pm: Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain

this was fun

And/or come to The Mendoza Line at the Dugout Cafe every Saturday night at 9 pm! KGr8

Friday, June 30, 2017

July/August 2017

Thursday, July 6, 9 pm: Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain
Friday, July 7, 8 pm: Maggy's Lounge, Quincy, MA
Sunday, July 9, 8 pm: Hideout, Boston
                                 9 pm: People's Show, ImprovBoston, Cabridge
Thursday, July 13, 8 pm: Red Nun, Cape Cod, MA
Thursday, July 20, 7:30 pm: Joe Fish, North Andover, MA

Wednesday, August 2, 7 pm: Ellis Room, Brookline, MA
Saturday, August 5,  8 pm: GEM, Boston
Friday, August 11, 8 pm: Asheville Comedy Festival, Asheville, NC

Monday, August 14, 9 pm: Sea Dog Comedy, South Yarmouth, MA
Saturday, August 19, 8 pm: Broad Appeal, Somerville
Tuesday, August 22, 8 pm: McGreevy's, Boston

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

June 2017

Saturday, June 3rd, 9 pm: Battle Royale, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Sunday, June 11th, 9 pm: People's Show, ImprovBoston, Cambridge

Sunday, June 11th, 5 pm:  Bustin' the Body Police, The Rockwell, Somerville, MA.
This is a special stand-up, sketch, and storytelling event concerning body image, featuring a Q&A session with the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA)

Thursday, June 15th, 8 pm: Thunderbar, Allston
Friday, June 16th, 7 pm: The Gas at Great Scott, Allston
Thursday, June 22nd, 8 pm: Sweet Caroline's, Fenway

Saturday, June 24th, 8 pm: Bullshittin' with Brittain, Middlebury, VT
Sunday, June 25th, 8 pm: Cup of Comedy, Burlington, VT
Monday, June 26th, 8 pm: Comedy & Crepes, Burlington, VT

Tuesday, June 27th, 8 pm: McGreevy's, Boston

And don't miss Laugh While You Can's June show on
Wednesday, June 21st, from 6-8 at The Midway Cafe in JP,
benefiting Bikes Not Bombs.

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017

Thursday, May 11th, 9 pm: Sketchhaus, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Friday, May 19th, 8 pm: Hideout Comedy, Boston
Saturday, May 20th, 8 pm: Laugh While You Can, Doyle's Cafe, Jamaica Plain

Benefit show for Trans Lifeline 

Sunday, May 21, 9 pm: StandUp ThrowDown semi-finals, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Tuesday, May 23rd, 8 pm: McGreevy's, Boston
Wednesday, May 24th, 8 pm: Midway Presents, Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain
Monday, May 29th, 8 pm: ROFL House, The Belmont, Fall River, MA

Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 2017

Saturday, April 29th, 11:30 pm: Night Moves, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Sunday, April 30th, 9 pm: StandUp ThrowDown, ImprovBoston, Cambridge

Monday, April 17th, 7 pm: Comedy & Crepes, Burlington VT
Sunday, April 16th, 8 pm: Boston Comedy Chicks, Slumbrew Brewery, Somerville
Saturday, April 15th, 9 pm: The Mendoza Line, Boston
Thursday, April 13th, 8 pm: Stand Up JamImprovBoston, Cambridge

Sunday, February 26, 2017

March/April Shows

This is really just for me at this point.

c/o @hamburgerphone

Thursday, March 2nd, 8 pm: Staunch, Allston
Saturday, March 11th, 8 pm: ComedyKaze, Somerville; 9 pm: Battle Royal, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Sunday, March 12th, 9 pm: People's Show, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Wednesday, March 15th, 8 pm: Limelight Comedy, Boston
Thursday, March 16th, 8 pm: The Comedy Studio, Cambridge

Sunday, April 2nd, 8 pm: The Comedy Studio, Cambridge
Thursday, April 13th, 8 pm: Stand Up Jam, ImprovBoston, Cambridge
Saturday, April 15th, 9 pm: The Mendoza Line, Boston
Monday, April 17th, 7 pm: Comedy & Crapes, Burlington VT

And on Friday, March 31st, come down to the Arts at the Armory in Somerville for Laugh While You Can's benefit show to raise money for The Welcome Project!